Troubleshooting Cloud Sync

The following information will help you troubleshoot issues you encounter while using Cloud Sync.

I cannot register to use Cloud Sync

Please ensure that you have registered to use the app by following the steps found here:

Registering for Cloud Sync

Please check the following

    • Ensure client mode connection to the RICOH THETA is complete.
    • If not, verify your password.

Unable to install the plug-in

  • Deactivate Bluetooth pairing on your phone and attempt to register for Cloud Sync again

Reinstalling the plug-in if you are having problems

If you have the plug-in installed and are having problems, it may help uninstall and reinstall. Follow this link to uninstall the plug-in: Uninstalling a plug-in

Follow the steps under the heading Install the Cloud Sync plug-in, in the link here: Install the Cloud Sync plug-in

If none of this works for you above, please Contact us

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