Ricoh Theta return policy & warranty

Return Period

Within 30 days of delivery, you may return an unopened, unused Product to RICOH360
Tours for a refund if purchased from RICOH360 Tours. If your Product has been opened and used, it is no longer eligible to be returned. To initiate a refund and to arrange for the return of the Product, open a support ticket to request a return merchandise authorization (RMA).

Warranty Period

Ricoh will repair or replace your Theta within 1 year from the date of purchase should your Theta breakdown under normal use.  As well, the monopod shipped with your SC2 kit will be replaced if defective within 90 days from date of purchase.

See below for exclusions on what will not be repaired or replaced.


The following situations are not covered by this warranty even if they occur during the above period.

  1. Malfunctions caused by misuse (e.g. operating other than as specified in the user guide)
  2. Malfunctions caused by repair, modification, or disassembly by a party other than a repair service provider designated by us
  3. Malfunctions caused by phenomena such as fire, natural disasters, geological events, lightning, or abnormal voltage
  4. Malfunctions that do not occur naturally, such as those caused by flooding, salt, dousing with liquids (e.g. rainwater, juice, alcoholic drinks), dropping, impact, entry of sand or dirt inside the camera, and pressure
  5. Malfunctions occurring from causes such as improper storage (as stated in the user guide), occurrence of mold, or improper care
  6. Ricoh Innovations, Inc. accepts no responsibility for any loss caused in relation to use of the camera, including loss of data, loss of opportunities, loss of profits, recovery expenses, payments to third parties, or other incidental, indirect or secondary loss, regardless of whether the malfunction occurs during the free repair period.

What's covered

  1. This warranty covers the Theta unit or Monopod only. It does not cover the associated RICOH360 Tours Service.
  2. Any data that is stored in the internal memory. If possible be sure to backup any data prior to returning your camera for repair/replacement
Requesting a repair/replacement
  1. This warranty service is valid the United States only. If repair becomes necessary while overseas, have the product repaired/replaced after returning to the United States.
  2. When requesting repairs, please be certain to back up all data currently in your camera in advance. In the repair service process, at our company’s discretion, we may decide to replace the customer’s camera with a new camera or the equivalent.
  3. You can send your camera in for warranty repair/replacement by requesting a purchase receipt and sending it into our repair facility at  Please open a request here if you require an itemized purchase receipt to send in with your repair order.

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