Uploading photos

You can upload one or more photos to your tour via your desktop using the Management Console.

  1. Log into your account at app.ricoh360.com
  2. Select the tour that you would like to upload photos, or create a tour by selecting Screen_Shot_2020-11-06_at_11.09.54_PM.png
  3. If you would like to upload photos to an existing tour, select Screen_Shot_2020-11-06_at_11.24.09_PM.png or follow the screen prompts to upload photos
  4. Find the folder where your photos are located on your desktop
  5. Select one or more photos to upload
  6. Select Open
  7. After the photo is uploaded, select Photo Name for each photo and type in the label name
  8. Select Done

Note: All photos must have a photo name in order for the Done button to be highlighted.

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