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What is Lead Generator?

You can capture visitor information for those viewing your virtual tours by hiding selected photos in your tour. You determine how many images to hide and when your visitor clicks on a hidden image, an entry form will be displayed to capture the visitors contact information. With this lead generation feature you will have all you need to reach out to prospective clients to increase your business and sell your listings faster.

Here is what your visitor will see when they click on a hidden image. Once they provide their contact information an email will be sent to them with a link to the full tour.

Sample Tour: https://view.ricoh360.com/b70faff5-19a7-482b-9eb3-c8253d910b01


  1. Log into your account at app.ricoh360.com
  2. Select the tour for which you want to set up the Lead Generator
  3. Click Edittour.png 
  4. Click on the Lead Generator tab.

※This setting is available only in the web app.



Select the images to display for your tour for this feature. The others will appear in the tour with a lock symbol.

  1. Click on Photos.
  2. Click Screen_Shot_2021-06-22_at_2.50.54_PM.png to select photos to hide
  3. Select the images you want to display in the tour and click Save.Photos.png

Privacy Policy Settings

Here you will set up the choice for your visitors to link or email you for your privacy policy. This is required by some states when collecting contact information.

  1. Click on the Entry Form tab.
  2. Click Edit.png 
  3. Three options can be set.
    1. Provide a link to the privacy policy on your business web site.
      You can specify any URL. We recommend this if you have a corresponding page on your own website.

    2. Provide visitors your email to receive your privacy policy.
      You can set your email address for your visitors to use when requesting your privacy policy.

    3. Show default message
      Select this option if you do not want to specify a particular URL or email.


Email recipient settings

After submitting the form, an email titled "Contact Information has been registered by RICOH360 Tours" will be sent to you. You can also set the recipient of the email to send it to your member if you are using the Teams feature.

The recipient's email address will be the email address registered in your account.


  1. Click on the Recipients tab
  2. Click Screen_Shot_2021-06-22_at_3.01.50_PM.png 
  3. There are two options to choose from.
    1. All Team Members
      • All registered teams will receive an email with your information.
    2. Selected Members
      • The email will be sent to the designated team members
  4. Click Save.


Click  Viewtour.png  in the upper right corner of the setting screen to preview what your visitors will see. You will see a 'key' on any image that you did not select for view. 


View Tour

Click on any image with the key lock and the following image will be displayed.
First Name, Last Name, and Email are required fields, and Phone is an optional field.
After entering the required fields, you will be able to click on the Submit button.



After submitting the form

The URL for the virtual tour without the key mark will be sent to the email address you entered.


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