Switching teams in the Mobile app

In addition to tours created by you, the Mobile app allows you to manage tours created by members of your team.

However, the management of your team (such as the permissions you grant to your members, who is in charge of the tours, etc.) must be done through the management console at app.ricoh360.com. Please refer to the respective help pages here for more information.


Caution: Before creating a tour, please make sure you are on the correct team.

  1. To switch teams, tap the team icon in the upper left corner of the screen.hc_tours_mobApp_top_en.PNG
  2. Tap a team in the list to switch to another team.
  3. If you want to find a specific tour from the list of tours on the mobile app, you can use the search and filter function. For detailed instructions, please refer to "Searching for a tour you want to edit from the tour list".


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