Let's try a tour with some sample images! --- using Web App

Thank you for registering with RICOH360 Tours!!
Let's download some sample 360 images and make a tour!


▼Download Sample 360 Images


After you download the 360 images, let's create a virtual tour!!
Please watch the Video below for the entire process!

*If the subtitles of the video are in Japanese, please switch to YouTube's Settings -> Subtitles/CC -> English.
*For non-English speakers, click Settings -> Subtitles/CC -> Auto-Translate -> Select Country .


▼How to share the virtual tour!

  1. After selecting a tour, Click menue.png
  2. Click Copy Link in the Full Tour
  3. Click OK and the URL of the virtual tour will be copied

Now you have a copy of the URL for your virtual tour!
You can share it by sending it via email or a messenger app!


That was an easy step-by-step guide to create a virtual tour with RICOH360 Tours!
Use RICOH360 Tours to help showing your attractive properties!

Click here to learn more about how to use all of the features for RICOH360 Tours.

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