Busque el circuito que desea editar en la lista de circuitos

When you want to find a specific tour from the list of tours on the mobile application, you can use the search and filter functions.

  1. Launch the RICOH360 Tours app
  2. Select a Team
  3. Use the filter function or search function to find a Tour


To use the Filter function

Tap hc_tours_mobapp_icon_filter.jpg in the upper right corner of the screen to move to the "Display Settings."

You can filter the tours displayed in the tour list by "Tour Status" and "Member."


To use the search function (available only when online)

Tap hc_tours_mobapp_icon_search_en.PNG at the bottom of the tour list screen to perform a text search.

The text used in the Tour Name, address, and details entered for each tour will be the target of the search.
(El nombre de cada imagen no se incluirá en la búsqueda).

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