On June 15, Turn off storing images on the smartphone in the Mobile app & toggle the Watermark display OFF/ON, and 1 other function can now be set.

Here are the features released on June 15, 2023.


1. After transferring 360-degree images taken with THETA to the Tours app, you can now turn off storing 360 images to your smartphone.

Detailed instructions are here 


2. It is now possible to turn off the "Powered by RICOH360 Tours" Watermark display that appears in the lower right corner of the viewer for viewing 360-degree images on the tour screen.

*This setting is available only for teams subscribing to the Business Plan.

Detailed instructions are here


3. The tripod cover can now be resized in the Mobile app.

Detailed instructions are here


We hope you find this new functionality useful, and thank you for your continued use of RICOH360 Tours.

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