Management Console release notes

Release 9.28.2021

Release Version 2.24.0

  • New Referral Program
  • The Done button should only be available when there is a place to blur
  • Fix background color for SNS share dialog
  • Signup error occur when signup email address contains non-ascii character
  • Fix background color for SNS share dialog
  • General UI improvements and bug fixes 

Release date 8.26.2021

Release Version 2.22.0

  • Ability to duplicate tour - Tour duplication can be done by both admins and members. The tour can only be duplicated within the same team. The copied tour name is prefixed with `Copy of `
  • Improve screen displayed when logging in to Web App with Mobile browser
  • Billing history should be displayed after cancelled subscription 
  • When users canceled subscription, they couldn’t see the billing history even before it expired.
  • Since it is possible to add members during that period, there were cases where the history of billing made could not be confirmed.
  • Billing history are now always displayed regardless of subscription status
  • Change the link destination of the RICOH360 Tours logo displayed on the store screen and the screen when logging in to the Web App on mobile from Website to Management Console.
Bug fix
  • Permanently fix for 500 System Error 
  • Fix a bug that the initial viewpoint is not displayed when moving with the <> button on the Tour screen of the management console.
  • Contract plan display does not line up side by side
  • Minor layout fix on the select plan screen
  • Fix a bug that an error related to Yahoo browser 

Release 8.5.2021

Release Version 2.21.0

  • Enhancement - European subscription purchase check out
  • Bug Fix - AI Video Maker link expiration after 12 hours.  

Release Date 7.29.2021

Release Version 2.20.0 

  • Ability to blur photos 
  • Bug Fix - Images selected for AI staging may not be displayed on Select Room Type dialog 
  • Bug Fix - Subscription renewal could fail depending on the card specifications

Release Date 7.15.2021

Release Version 2.19.0

  • AI Virtual Staging 
  • New pricing model 
  • Fixed Japanese wording
  • First name and last name order for private information form (CTA) in Japanese
  • French translation for Lead Generator
  • Fix modal height in embed tour
  • Bug Fix - Large 2D images can't be displayed when browsing public tours on mobile
  • Bug Fix - Header layout is broken for long team name
  • Bug Fix - Move tour can be clicked even if the account has only one team

Release Date 6.30.2021

Release Version 2.18.0

  • Call To Action - Lead Generation
  • PNG Support - Tripod, Avatar and FloorPlan.
  • Keep the view point when switching to edit mode.
  • Change the hover color for secondary button to grey
  • Improved room name display in the tour path icon
  • Improved visibility by adding shadows to photo names
  • Bug Fix - Tour path clicks too difficult to recognize
  • Bug Fix - URL is shown as the name of the tour path
  • Bug Fix - The photo name in the tour path icon was displayed only in the middle
  • Bug Fix - Next / previous button is disappeared in small embed tour

Release Date 5.27.2021

Release Version 2.17.0

  • General Performance enhancements and bug fixes
  • Bug Fix - Fixed embedded tour layout on mobile 

Release Date 5.13.2021

Release Version 2.16.0

  • Each tour set of 50 will create a new page under Tours View in the Management Console.
  • Improvement to login screen.
  • Bug fix for Move Tour error when selecting member. 
  • Bug fix background of screen being highlighted red
  • Bug fix for notifications appearing behind the Tour View in the Management Console 
  • Bug fix Move Tour error 
  • Bug fixes - general UI and performance improvements

Release Date 4.22.2021

Release Version  2.15.0

  • Support German language
  • Improved functionality on switching photos on starting view 
  • Rotate the background 360 image by dragging the path to both ends
  • General Bug Fixes and performance improvement

Release Date 4.8.2021

Release Version  2.14.0

  • New mobile Management Console - You can now access the Management Console on your mobile browser
  • Display Saving status when editing a tour
  •  Continuous Zoom - Long press of the zoom in our out icons
  • The Starting View mode can be selected even before the image is selected
  • Tour menu items improvement for deactivated tours. 
  • Dynamic Crop Frame  - Now crop frame is dynamically sized. 
  • Bug fix - Member listing is off to the left
  • Bug fix - Corrected arrow icon for embedded tour - effecting full size tour
  • Bug fix - Floor plan moving when it should not. 

Release Date 3.24.2021

Release Version 2.13.0

  • Annotations - You can now add text or image annotations to call out items or features in the property
  • Ability to change the starting view of your 360 photo 
  • Improvement on Tour Path and Floor Plan labeling  

Release Date 3.16.2021 

Release Version 2.12.0

  • Ability to switch floorplan on published tour if there are multiple floorplans in the tour.
  • Export 2D now offers various aspect ratio options for cropping the 2D image
  • Bug Fixes corrected the preview icon of the tour

Release Date 3.10.2021

Release Version 2.11.0

  • Tour path creation has been redesigned.
  • Big Fix - selecting items mistakenly when cursor is hovering
  • General back end bug fixes and performance improvements 

Release Date 3.4.2021

Release Version 2.10.0

  • AI Video Maker released 

Release Date 2.25.2021

Release Version 2.90

  • Ability to set banner ad
  • Bug fix - Tour path and cursor not responding on the left side of the screen when viewing tour on web. 
  • Bug Fix - Zoom in and out included on embedded tour viewer 

Release Date 2.10.2021

Release Version 2.8.0

  • New Panorama Viewer 
  • Enhanced image transitions between tour locations
  • Enhancement to the Zoom functionality. The range has been increased and Zoom in and out buttons available
  • SNS Sharing on tour viewer - The tour viewer can now share directly from the tour. Options to share  to Facebook, Linkedin, Mail Client and Copy URL now available at viewer level.
  • Bug fix for MLS issues on unbranded Tours 
  • Bug fix for incorrect error message on check out


Release Date 1.21.2021

Release version 2.6.1 

  • General back end bug fixes and platform enhancements.

Release Date 1.14.2021

Release Version 2.5.0

  • Added the ability to move a tour from one team to another. 
  • Bug Fix - Unbranded tour was showing tour creator information when shared to Facebook.
  • Bug Fix - When a large number is entered in Year Built in Edit Details and saved, the error message “Something went wrong” is displayed
  • General back end bug fixes and improvements. 


Release Date 1.7.2021

Release Version 2.4.0

  • Added a new field for Tour Name
  • Address line 1 no longer required
  • Bug Fix - Error or on empty input field. This has been removed. 


Release Date 12.18.2020

Release Version 2.2.2 

  • Bug Fix - The unbranded tour link copied from Copy Unbranded Link was being rejected in MLS portal.

Release Date 12.11.2020

Release version 2.2.1 

  • Bug fix for preview image for sharing to Facebook and SMS

Release Date 12.10.2020 

Release version 2.2.0

  • Prevent full screen view from closing
  • Floor plan size setting in viewer cannot be kept after moving to next room
  • Add company/individual selection to payment info
  • Improve redirection setting for
  • The error text layout for failed uploads corrected
  • Error message for account email, when entered address already exists 

Release Date 11.19.2020

Release Version 2.0.1

  • Fix link of help page for invite members 

  • Bug Fix incorrect wordings

  • Bug Fix back button on Checkout

  • Bug Fix duplicated autocomplete for country fields 

  • Update link of terms and privacy policy 

  • Improve French text


  • Fix bug that image enhancement value is not reflected in some cases

  • Fix detail design and layouts

Release Date 10.10.2020

Release Version 2.0.0

  • Product rebranding of icons and overall look and feel
  • Image Enhancement

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