Mobile Applications release notes


Release Date 1.13.2022

Release Version 5.13.0

  • Add account deletion in the mobile app
  • Eliminate the web view and allow sign-up within the mobile app
  • Bug fix - Blank photo being shown after image is uploaded
  • Bug fix - Unable to add a path to a photo with Annotations that add an image


Release Date 12.07.2021

Release Version 5.11.0

  • Extend the expiration date of the authentication token from one hr to one day
  • Confirmed that the settings applied in the backend release last month are in effect
  • Improvement on the backend from AWS 
  • Improved screen transition performance
  • Bug Fix - Resolved the error of the sync functionality to cloud from the mobile app.


Release Date 9.30.2021

Release Version 5.6.0 

* Please note that with this release : The first time you launch the app after the update you need to start the app while your mobile device is connected to the internet to sync your account.

  • Synchronization Process improvements
  • Synchronization Process improvements
  • Referral Program
  • UI Improvements 
  • General Bug Fixes   

Release Date 5.13.2021

Release version 5.1.0

  • Rotate the background 360 image by dragging the path to both ends. 
  • Tour menu improvement for Deactivated Tour
  • Bug Fix - Lost photos.
  • Bug Fix - Data Sync issue 
  • Bug Fix - Delete Tour is not red 
  • Bug Fix - Duplicate OK button being presented 

Release Date 4.16.2021

Release Version 4.5.2  

  • Bug Fix - The timer function on Android is now working again. 


Release Date 3.24.2021

Release Version 4.5.0

  • Ability to change the starting view of the 360 image
  • Bug fix - My Tours screen not displaying all of the tours 
  • Bug fix - Upper left portion of screen (viewing tour) unusable while highlighted by cursor. 

Release Date 1.21.2021

Release Version 4.3.0

  • Add Next Photo button.
  • Improved the tour view
  • General bug fixes


Release Version 4.2.0 

  • Added a field to list a Tour Name 
  • General improvements for performance 


Release Date 12.18.2020

Release version 4.1.2

  • Bug Fix - The unbranded tour link copied from Copy Unbranded Link was being rejected in MLS

Release Date 11.10.2020

Release Version 4.0.0

  • Product rebranding of icons and overall look and feel
  • Image Enhancement

Release Date 10.29.2020

Release Version 3.2.2

  • Bug Fix - duplicate photos added due to performance of Done button 
  • Remove syncing view at app startup
  • Improve UI while loading thumbnail images

Release Date 10.7.2020

Release Version 3.2.0 

  • Introducing Offline Mode: App will work with out cellular data. Images upload when the device has a stronger signal. 


Release Date 7.21.2020

Release Version 3.0.1 

  • Improved connection to Theta
  • Fixed address autocompletion error for Android 
  • General bug fixes

Release Date 7.1.2020

Release Version 3.0.0

First global release for RICOH360 Tours Mobile app. 

  • The mobile apps will now mirror each other for release.
  • We have migrated over to our new backend database.

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