Using the RICOH THETA app to capture images

If you are in a location with no cellular signal and cannot log into the RICOH360 Tours appR360_tours_appicon.png, we recommend using the RICOH THETA appRICOHTHETA_icon.png. You can find the app in the App Store / Google Play Store.

Please be sure you do not have both apps open at the same time.

Set up your camera in steps 1-10 below. If you are going to be far from your camera, you can also set the timer option.

  1. Install the THETA app RICOHTHETA_icon.png on your mobile device.  

  2. Go to your mobile devices wifi setting and select the THETA as your wifi network

  3. Launch the THETA app and tap the registered camera name. For example: THETAYL00123456.OSC

  4. Tap the white Shooting button if not already in shooting mode

  5. Tap the gear wheel in the upper right corner

  6. Make sure SHOOTING method is set to Normal shooting

  7. Make sure Display after shooting (for ios), Postview (for android) is set - this will transfer your photos to your mobile device's camera gallery

  8. Tap Done
  9. Make sure Auto is set in the lower right corner

  10. Make sure Option Setting is set to HDR Rendering

  11. Make sure your EV is set t 0

  12. Tap the white shutter button to take your photo.

At this point you have set up your camera for the best exposure/quality image and taken your first image. The image will transfer to your phone's gallery. They might be in a folder/album called Theta.

Move to the next room and do step 10 again.


Transferring photos from your phone to the RICOH360 Tours app

Once you are within wifi or cell range, you can then add your photos from your phone into the RICOH360 Tours app

  1. Close the THETA app

  2. Launch the RICOH Tours app

  3. Select your tour to add the photos to

  4. Tap Add Photo

  5. Select Library

  6. Navigate to where your photos are located on your mobile device

  7. Select the photo

  8. Type in/Select the Label

  9. Tap Done

Repeat steps 4-9 until you have all your photos loaded into the app

We will keep your ticket open until we have this feature complete.

Please let us know if you have any questions or problems with the above steps.


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