RICOH360 Tours Management Console

The Ricoh360 Tours Management Console is a web based application that is used to manage your account and tours.  Current functionality includes:

  • View Analytics for tours
  • Settings that include:
    • Subscription
      • Change Plan
      • Edit Payment
      • Edit Billing Email
      • Cancel Subscription
      • View Billing History
    • Team
      • Change Name
      • Change Photo
      • Change and Show/Hidden Tripod Cover 
      • Delete Team
  • Account Settings that include:
    • Change Photo
    • Change name
    • Change email
    • Change password
    • Set language
    • Delete account(name, email, password, delete account)
  • Tour settings that include:
    • Add a tour
    • Uploading photos to a tour
    • Viewing a tour
    • Reorganizing photos within a tour
    • Edit tour address
    • Auto image cropping
    • Copy a link
    • Copy an unbranded link
    • Copy embed code
    • Share on Facebook
    • Deactivate/activate
    • Delete deactivated tours
    • Image Enhancement
  • Photo settings that include:
    • Editing Room Name
    • Adding tour paths to rooms within a tour
    • Export 2D Photo
    • Share on Facebook
    • Deleting a photo

To launch the Management Console go to and login to your account.

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