[7.15.2021] New "AI Virtual Staging Beta" Function and New Pricing Plan for RICOH360 Tours and Launch in Japan

  1. AI Virtual Staging Beta
  2. New Pricing Plan
  3. Launch in Japan

1. AI Virtual Staging Beta

New Feature:  AI Virtual Staging Beta
Virtual furniture and accessories are automatically arranged by AI on 360° images in empty rooms to make the space more attractive. Visitors will be able to visualize themselves living in the home so it aids in selling your property faster. Furthermore, RICOH's AI technology enables multiple furniture arrangements and delivery within 10 – 60 minutes.

The free plan allows you to import 10 images; the Pro Plan allows you to import 20 images per month, and the Business Plan allows you to import 100 images per month. RICOH 360 Tours users can use this function at no extra charge. RICOH360 Tours virtual staging reduces the time, cost and effort required to stage a home. AI virtual staging will be offered to users as a beta version, and improvements will be made in preparation for the official release.

A sample AI virtual staging can be found below:




Example of AI Virtual Staging Beta__________2021-07-12_4.36.58.png


2.New Pricing Plan

Two new pricing plans are now available: Pro plan and Business plan. Customers who sign up for an annual subscription will receive a discount of about 15%, starting at $39/month (for an annual subscription), which is lower than the previous plan. Additional users can be added not only for the Business Plan, but also the Pro Plan.
The previous plans (Entry and Standard) will no longer be available for new customers. Existing paid customers can continue to use the previous plans, but they can also switch to the new plans.

3.Launch in Japan

RICOH360 Tours will be available in the Japanese domestic market on July 15, 2021.

Ricoh has been providing the virtual tour creation service "THETA 360.biz" in the Japanese market since 2014, and the service is already being used in various fields such as real estate, advertising, construction, and education. THETA 360.biz has developed and deployed services specific to the Japanese market, such as API integration with large-scale portal sites and invoice payment support, but there have also been customer comments such as "I want to create virtual tours without worrying about the maximum number of publications," and "I want to be able to use it easily even in relatively small-scale workplaces. However, some customers have commented that they want to create virtual tours without worrying about the maximum number of people who can view them, and that they want to make it easy to use for relatively small workplaces. With the launch of RICOH360 Tours in Japan, customers will be able to select the service that best suits their needs and attributes.

The demand for virtual tours continues to grow worldwide. With the launch of this new service in Japan, Ricoh will further accelerate the development of RICOH360 Tours, aiming to exceed 300,000* users in the global market by the end of fiscal year 2022.

Ricoh will continue to provide digital services that are more attractive to customers and services that support the creativity of workers and change in the workplace.

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