[3.2.2022] Property Tour Mode plug-in is now available exclusively for RICOH THETA X

We are pleased to announce the release of the Property Tour Mode plug-in for the RICOH THETA X.  With this plug-in the RICOH THETA X can photograph a complete property without the use of a mobile device. This makes for a very streamlined process. With the use of Time-shift shooting you don't even have to leave the area you are photographing.

The use of the RICOH360 Tours mobile app will be required to install the plug-in on the THETA X camera.

In addition, the captured images can be divided into folders for each property you photograph and room names can be assigned on the spot. This makes it easier to create and edit tours later on your computer using the RICOH360 Tours web app because the names you assign in the camera are uploaded to your tour.

For instructions on installing and using the Property Tour Mode plug-in, please refer to Using the Property Tour Mode plug-in .

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