How is RICOH360 Tours different from other virtual tour services?

RICOH360 Tours is an integrated, seamless product. Our camera, mobile apps and website are all made by us and work seamlessly. There’s are no processing delays, which allows you to complete the virtual tour creation process in as fast as 30 minutes.

We also don’t compromise on the quality of your images or limit the number of tours you can create. You can store and share unlimited full resolution virtual tours on our secure cloud.

When you take a photo with the RICOH Theta camera, we create 3 photos at a time with 3 different settings to compensate for lightness and darkness in various rooms.  Those 3 photos are then automatically merged into 1 to give you the best photo for your room.

What do I need to get started?

You’ll need the RICOH360 Tours mobile app if you want to have integrated uploads to the cloud seamlessly from the camera to the phone to the cloud. You will alto need a RICOH THETA 360° camera.

If your mobile device is not compatible with our app due to OS levels, or other problems, you can create an upload photos via our web based Management Console.  The Management Console also makes it easier to move around your tour when creating Tour Paths or creating tour details.  The choice is up to you,

We also recommend you use a monopod. That way you can setup the camera and step into another room, take out your phone, and snap picture using the RICOH360 Tours app. If you were to simply hold up the camera, you would appear in the picture.

Does your camera rotate to take a 360 picture?

No. RICOH THETA spherical images are created using two ultra wide-angle lenses at the front and rear of the camera. These capture a complete 360° image with just one click. So capturing an entire room takes seconds, and you can create a complete house tour of most properties in under an hour.

Which mobile devices can I use with RICOH360 Tours?

For creating tours, we currently have apps for iOS and Android devices. Tours can also be viewed from any computer using currently supported browsers. Any changes you make to your tour in the app are synced and visible online automatically.

How do I share my RICOH360 Tours?

Once all your 360° images are taken, RICOH360 Tours syncs your images online and makes the complete tour viewable on a unique web page. You can post a link with the virtual tour to your listings, or anywhere potential customers traffic, such as Facebook. There is also an option that allows you to select a link that meets Non Branded listing standards.

What are the features of the monopod?

RICOH THETA series slim and compact mono-pod for the THETA cameras  is ideal for property tours. The camera platform and legs are reduced in size to prevent them from appearing in the image, and an easy to adjust mechanism to automatically lock in any position with a single touch of the button. The length when stowed away is just 21 inches, and it can be extended up to 59 inches. Extremely lightweight and stable with stylish bag with room to place your RICOH THETA camera.

Is Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) supported?

In 2016 Microsoft decided to end-of-life IE. In January of 2020 Microsoft will no longer provide security updates. For these reasons IE is not supported with RICOH360 Tours and it is recommended you move your browser to Microsoft Edge.

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