Creating Floor Plans

The RICOH360 Tours mobile app will allow you to upload a floor plan and map your 360 Photos to that plan.  Your clients will be able to navigate through your tour by clicking on one of the blue dots shown on the floor plan.

You will need to have a floor plan located on your mobile device for use in the RICOH360 Tours app.

Below is an example of what your clients will see when viewing your tour on a desktop. 


Creating Floor Plan Maps

  1. Make sure you have your floor plan downloaded to your mobile device
  2. Open the RICOH360 Tours app on your mobile device
  3. Select the Tour you would like to add a floor plan to
  4. Select Floor plans
  5. Tap Screen_Shot_2020-11-09_at_7.32.48_PM.png
  6. Select Camera to take a photo of a paper floorplan or Library to upload from your phone's photo library
    • If they are in your library, select the folder where your image is located
    • Select the image for your floor plan
  7. Your floor plan will be displayed on your screen (this might take a few seconds as we upload the floor plan to our servers)
  8. Give your floor plan a label and tap DONE
  9. Tap on the floor plan you wish to add labels to
  10. Tap on the pencilScreen_Shot_2020-11-09_at_7.08.49_PM.pngin the upper right of your screen
  11. Tap anywhere on the photo to add a label
  12. Select the photo you would like to associate with that room
  13. Tap Done when complete, or continue to tap on your photo and add additional labels



Your floor plan is now ready to be used when sharing the link to your Tour

Deleting Floor Plans

  1. Tap the tour you would like to delete from
  2. Tap Floor plans
  3. Tap on the floor plan you wish to delete
  4. Tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner
  5. Tap Delete
  6. Confirm by tapping DELETE

Deleting Labels 

  1. Tap the tour you would like to edit 
  2. Tap Floor plans
  3. Tap on the floor plan you wish to edit
  4. Tap on theScreen_Shot_2020-11-09_at_7.08.49_PM.png pencil to edit your floor plan
  5. Tap the X on the label you wish to delete
  6. Tap DONE

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