How to take a 360° photo without the photographer himself

If you do not want the photographer to appear in the 360° photo taken by the RICOH THETA, fix the RICOH THETA on a stand such as a monopod, hide the photographer in the shadows, and remotely release the shutter using a smartphone application.

Click here for instructions on how to connect your smartphone to the THETA.


Shooting in places where there is no cell phone reception

In places where there is no cell phone signal, you cannot log into the Tours app. If you need to take 360° photos in such places, we recommend using the basic THETA application.


Shooting in a place where there is no shade to hide in(*for RICOH THETA Z1, THETA X, THETA SC2 for business, THETA V users)

We recommend using the "Time Shift Shooting Function."

The Time Shift Shooting function allows the two camera systems built into THETA to operate one at a time. By taking advantage of this time difference, the photographer can move to the side of the lens that does not operate, thereby capturing a 360-degree photo without the photographer being reflected in the photo.

* Time Shift Shooting function is available for Z1, X, SC2 for business, V


Time Shift Shooting is available in the shooting mode when taking a 360° photo with the RICOH THETA when using the application to add photos to a tour.

*For instructions on activating the shooting mode, please refer to Adding Photos with the RICOH THETA.

  1. tours_mobile_icon_setting.png in the upper right corner of the screen in shooting mode Tap
    The screen for selecting [HDR] ON/OFF, [AUTO WB] High/Low, and [Time Shift Shooting] ON/OFF will open
    * Default setting: [HDR] ON, [AUTO WB] High, [Time Shift Shooting] OFF
    * [AUTO WB] is displayed only when Z1, SC2, SC2 for business is connected.
    * Once selected, the setting is retained in the application and will be applied the next time the camera is used.
  2. Tap [Time Shift Shooting] ON
  3. Tap OK
  4. The person taking the photo moves to the side where the shutter release button is on the THETA main unit.
  5. Tap hc_tours_icon_shutter_en.png on the app
    * The first shot will be taken on the side opposite the shutter release button on the main unit
    * The first shot will be taken 2 seconds after tapping hc_tours_icon_shutter_en.png.
  6. When the shooting sound is heard, the person taking the photo moves to the side of the THETA main unit that does not have a shutter release button.
    * The second shot will be taken automatically 5 seconds after the first photo is taken.
    * The photo will be taken on the side with the shutter release button on the THETA main unit.

This is the end of the shooting process.

The photo will be automatically transferred to your smartphone after the shooting is finished.

The application screen will move to "Add Label".

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