Changing Tripod Cover

If you would like to change the Tripod cover you can do this in the mobile app by following these steps:

  1. Launch the RICOH Tours mobile app on your mobile device
  2. TapScreen_Shot_2020-11-09_at_8.19.36_PM.png from the bottom menu
  3. Tap Tripod Cover in Team Settings to display the following screen
  4. If you do not want to display the tripod cover, turn OFFhc_tours_mobapp_toggle_off.pngthe toggle to the right of the tripod cover display.
  5. To change the tripod cover image, turn ONhc_tours_mobapp_toggle_on.png the toggle to the right of the tripod cover display.
      1. Tap Change Image
      2. Tap Take Photo or Choose From Library to take a photo or choose an image.
      3. To change the display size of the tripod cover, tap Small / Large to the right of Display Size and select either one.
  6. Taphc_tours_mobapp_back.pngto return to the settings screen.


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