RICOH360 Tours features


RICOH THETA integration

The RICOH THETA along with the RICOH360 Tours app makes it super easy to capture stunning, true-to-life 360° virtual tours. Access to the camera is accomplished via the RICOH360 Tours mobile apps.

Smart Phone Apps

Apple and Android mobile agent apps create a 360° virtual tour listing from zero to online in minutes. It’s so easy. Connect with the RICOH THETA camera, input your listing address, press the shutter button just once, add label, move to the next room & repeat.


In the background three 360° images are taken at different exposures and are automatically assembled in seconds, which then instantly uploaded to the cloud creating true-to-life, beautiful 360° images. You can share your tour immediately right from your phone, post to Facebook, un-brand your tour or embed into your website.

Image Enhancement

At a tour level you have the option of turning on/off image enhancement. When turned on, your photos are automatically enhanced for brightness and clarity. At the same time, image skew is automatically corrected. Image Enhancement is done for all photos within your tour.




RICOH360 Tours was inspired by real estate agents just like you! By far the easiest and fastest way to create 360° virtual tours in no time at all. Stop struggling and start winning! No technology skills required to create stunning 360° virtual tours.


Know where your referrals have come from with detailed visitor analytics. Your console will allow you to see how often your tour was visited and what properties are most popular amongst your potential customers. 

You can shoot only with RICOH THETA

2D images can be cropped from RICOH THETA 360° images. You can automatically crop attractive parts using AI technology, or you can crop arbitrary parts. You don't have to take a picture with another camera again. 

Team functions

You can create a team on the RICOH360 Tours system to create and manage virtual tours with multiple members. Each member will have their own branding business card.



Virtual Tour Management

The management console is where you can manage your tours, and which provides an easy to operate user interface all with a single-click of a mouse. No other marketing tool gives you such easy control over your business and brand.

360° Virtual Tour Walk-Through Experience

Add tour paths within your 360° virtual tour to create connections between any space and enable a real walk-through experience from room-to-room or multiple floors. Whether it be web, mobile or tablet, RICOH360 Tours platform is the perfect solution.

Floor Plan Editor

Tour paths can be easily placed for smooth interaction between rooms, all from your smartphone for an interactive virtual tour experience.

Floor Plan Generator

This service creates floor plans based on the tours created by Tours and provides them to you. Simply upload the images used to create the tour and we will automatically return the floor plans to you in 1~2 business days.

360°Virtual Tour

Whether it be web, mobile or tablet RICOH360 Tours platform is the perfect, easy-to-view 360° navigation experience. Resolve scheduling conflicts and eliminate travel cost with the ability to view a property 24/7. Visitors can rotate the entire room view from ceiling to floor with a single swipe of a finger.

Embedded Tours

You can embed 360° virtual tours into your existing website in three different sizes just as you would a YouTube video. Copy and paste a simple line of text which is compatible with almost every website and other content publishing platforms.

Reorder Rooms

Choose where a tour starts from. Images within a 360° virtual tour can be reordered hours or days after completion. Open a virtual tour, press on the image you want to reorder, it will become transparent allowing it to be dragged and dropped to the new order within the tour.



Attached Google Map

With Google Map attached with every 360° branded virtual tour, explore along many nearby streets, parks and landmarks.

Instant Sharing

It takes just 15 minutes to capture a 1,000 square foot 360° Virtual Tour, which is simultaneously syncing and being built in the cloud as you move from room-to-room, ready to publish or embed into your website, share on social media or instant-messaging apps.

Virtual Business Card

Customize the business card displayed at the bottom of your tours, add your headshot, contact information, and brand your listing. For non-branded listings the app hides your contact info, the monopod cover image and google map. 

Add to Portals

Copy and paste your 360° virtual tour URL from your management console into the “virtual tour” or “video” field of your preferred system to syndicate to any portals or listing sites.

Optimized for Facebook

Share a tour directly from your smartphone, tablet or desktop to your Facebook Timeline with rich detail and contact information.

Client Sharing

Your clients can share a tour while viewing using a simple interface. They can share to facebook, twitter, linked-in or via email.

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