[6.30.2021]Lead Generator

The following is an introduction to the Lead Generator feature released on 6.30.2021.

You can now capture visitor information for those viewing your virtual tours by hiding selected photos in your tour. You determine how many images to hide and when your visitor clicks on a hidden image, an entry form will be displayed to capture the visitors contact information. With this lead generation feature you will have all you need to reach out to prospective clients to increase your business and sell your listings faster.

Here is what your visitor will see when they click on a hidden image. Once they provide their contact information an email will be sent to them with a link to the full tour.

Sample Tour: https://view.ricoh360.com/b70faff5-19a7-482b-9eb3-c8253d910b01


For more details on this feature please review this support article: Lead Generator Article


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