STEP 3 : Complete and share your virtual tour --- using Web App

By entering Detail, you can register the details of this property.


1. How to use Detail


  1. Click Details
  2. Click the button__________2020-11-24_8.10.39.png to edit.
  3. You can enter [Price], [Beds], [Baths], [Floor size], [Year Built], and [Description]
  4. After you have entered all the information, click [Save] to finish.


2. Your virtual tour is complete! Let's share it!

Click the menu button in the upper right corner to select the type of sharing you want to do.



If you click on Copy Link, you can share your virtual tour in three different ways.


1. Full Tour

You can share a tour that includes the virtual tour, details, and information about the RICOH360 Tours owner account.

2. Unbranded Tour

You can share a tour that only shows the virtual tour and Details.

3. Compact Tour

Share only virtual tours.


3. Copy Embed Code

Clicking Copy Embed Code will allow you to copy the Embed Code for embedding in HTML code on your website and the Embed URL that can be used in the HTML code for embedding on your website.

<iframe width="640" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>



4. Share on Facebook

Share on Facebook allows you to share the tour on your own Facebook account!
Let's spread it on Facebook!


Those are the steps to create a virtual tour with RICOH360 Tours!

Use RICOH360 Tours to help you present your rooms in an attractive way!



If you want to know how to use it in more detail, click here.



~3 STEPS to create your own tour!~

STEP 1 : Create a tour by capturing your own 360° images --- using the Mobile App

STEP 2 : Enhance your tour with Tour Paths & Floor Plans--- using Web App 

STEP 3 : Complete and share your virtual tour --- using Web App

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