Let's prepare! Get all the tools you need for STEP 1

There are three things you need to create a virtual tour.
Get your tools ready and create your own virtual tour!

  1. RICOH360 Tours Mobile App
  2. RICOH THETA 360° camera
  3. Camera stand

1. Download the app

Use the RICOH360 Tours app to create a tour with 360° images. Download the app here:







2. Prepare your RICOH THETA 360° camera

If you want to purchase a RICOH THETA, please follow the steps below to get to the purchase page.

  1. Login to RICOH360 Tours Management Console
  2. Click the Screen_Shot_2020-12-22_at_8.04.28_PM.png button at the top right of your screen
  3. Click Buy 360° Cameras 


Select the Ricoh THETA 360 camera of your choice from the RICOH360 Tours product page selected above.

3. Prepare the camera stand

You will need a monopod or tripod to shoot with your 360° camera.
The monopod provided by RICOH is easy to use and convenient to carry, as it reduces the reflection of the legs in the 360° images.




Now you're ready to go!
Let's get to work on capturing your virtual tour!

3 steps to create your virtual tour

STEP 1 : Create a tour by capturing your own 360° images --- using the Mobile App←Next!

STEP 2 : Enhance your tour with Tour Paths & Floor Plans--- using Web App

STEP 3 : Complete and share your virtual tour --- using Web App

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