API Key Acquisition Procedure

When using RICOH360 Tours in conjunction with other services such as Zapier, you may need a RICOH360 Tours API key.


The API key will be a different string for each team. Please follow the steps below to obtain an API key for the required team.

*Only the "Admin" and "Admin(Owner)" can obtain an API key.

  1. Select your Team
  2. Click on icon_webapp_setting.png
  3. Click Get API Key button in the ”API Key" field of the "Team" section.
  4. Click Copy button

This is all that is required to obtain an API key.

The API key set for a team is valid until it is regenerated.

If you want to invalidate the existing API key and issue a new API key, click the Regenerate API Key button in the API Key field of the "Team" section.

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