Custom Tripod Cover

・About Tripod Cover specifications
・Tripod Cover settings per team (only Admin can operate)
・Steps to set up Optional Tripod Covers for your a Tour (only Bussiness Plan)

About Tripod cover specifications

  • Each team can register one Tripod Cover image for the Team Default setting and 100 images for the Optional Tripod Covers.
    *Optional tripod covers are available for teams subscribing to the Business plan.
  • There are three options for the Tripod Cover. Large, Small, and Hidden.




  • The set image will be shared with all team members.
  • Change/Remove for Team Default and Add/Edit/Remove for Optional Tripod Covers are available only to the Admin.
    Changes to Tripod Covers settings for each tour can be made by any user with access to the tour.


    • The default RICOH360 Tours cover will be set if you remove the tripod cover.
    • The tripod cover image will be set for each team, so please select the correct team before setting the tripod cover.


If you want to change or turn the tripod image off using the web application, please follow the steps below.


Setting up the Tripod Cover to be used by the team (only Admin)

  1. Open the login screen and log in with the account of the team administrator.
  2. Click icon_webapp_setting.png from the menu above the tour list
  3. Click on Setup under "Branding"
  4. To set a standard tripod cover for the team, click Change under "Team Default."
      1. Drag and drop the new image you wish to set to the tripod cover image. Or, click select to upload to select your preferred tripod cover image from your desktop.
        If you do not want to display the tripod cover, select the radio button for Hidden under "Display Size."
      2. Click Save
  5. To register the tripod cover settings for each tour, click Setup under "Optional Tripod Covers."
      1. Click Add
      2. Drag and drop the new image you wish to set to the tripod cover image. Or, click select to upload to select your preferred tripod cover image from your desktop.
      3. Click Save

Setting optional Tripod Covers for your Tours (only Bussiness Plan)

  1. From the list of tours, select the tour for which you want to set the Tripod Cover.
  2. Click hc_tours_icon_webapp_edittour_en.png
  3. Click Branding
  4. Click Change in the Tripod Cover column.
  5. Click the radio button for "Select an optional Tripod Cover" and click Select
  6. Select button_check.png for the Tripod Cover you want to set for the tour and click OK
  7. Select the Large/Small or Hedden radio button for Display Size and click Save.

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