Custom Tripod Cover

  • Only one image for the tripod cover can be set per team.
  • There are three options for the tripod cover, Small, Large and Hidden.
  • The set image will be shared with all team members.
  • Only the administrator can change the settings for the tripod cover.


  • If you remove the tripod cover, the default RICOH360 Tours cover will be set.
  • The tripod cover image will be set for each team, so please select the correct team before setting the tripod cover.


If you want to change the tripod image or turn it off using the web application, please follow the steps below.

  1. Open the login screen and log in with your team administrator account.
  2. Select icon_webapp_setting.pngfrom the menu above your Tour listings.
  3. Select Change for the Tripod Cover option.
  4. Drag & Drop your image onto the screen, or select your tripod cover photo from your computer.
    If you do not want the tripod cover to appear, select the radio button for Hidden under Display Size.
  5. Select Save.


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