When you don't want to show a part of an object in a 360° or 2D image clearly (e.g. a photo, a person, a logo of a manufacturer of equipment, etc.), it is useful to use the blur feature.

Note: Once you use the blur function and save the photo, it cannot be undone.

Blur cannot be applied to images that have been set as annotations or maps.


Example of using the blur function

Original Photo mceclip1.png
Photo using Blur mceclip2.png


How to use the Blur feature

  1. Login to your account at on your desktop
  2. Select  your Tour
  3. Select the image you would like to blur
  4. Adjust the display position of the 360° image so that the object you want to blur is in the viewer
  5. Click the menu_3dot.png mark in the upper right corner
  6. Select Blur
  7. Click on the area you want to blur
  8. Click Done.
  9. If you are sure you would like your changes saved, click Apply

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