Export Tour List

If you need a list of the tours in your account/team you can export the information to a CSV file.

Fields to be exported:

  • Tour Name
  • Address
  • Tour Status
  • Assigned Member Name
  • Created Date (UTC)
  • Full Tour URL
  • Unbranded Tour URL
  • Compact Tour URL
  • Embed Tour URL

You can also limit the number of tours to be exported by narrowing down the tours to be displayed in the list in advance using the tour search function or the filter function within the app. See this article for more information on search.

Export a Tour List

  1. Log in to your account at app.ricoh360.com
  2. Select icon_tour.png Tours from the main menu
  3. (If you want to limit the tours to be exported)
    Filter the tours to be displayed in the list by using the tour search function and the filter function for Tour Status, Member and Created Date
  4. Click icon_tourexport.png Export tour list
  5. Click Export button to export a CSV(file name: export_tours_(export date and time))


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