Specifications for Brand Banner, Business Card, and Tripod Cover

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Display position of each item

Brand Banner

The brand banner appears in the upper left corner of the screen in tour viewing mode.


You can set your own URL and direct end users viewing the tour to a specific web page.


Business Card

Tour Sharing When you copy and share a full tour link, the business card will appear on the right side at the bottom of the viewer.



Tripod Cover

Refers to an image used to hide the tripod legs that are reflected in 360° images.



List of Specifications

  Brand Banner Business Card Tripod Cover

What is displayed

Images set by each team (default) or by each tour (URLs can be embedded) Image, Name, Title, Company Name, Address, Phone Number, E-mail Address, and Website URL set for each member Image set by each team (URLs cannot be embedded)
"Do not display" setting Yes

Always displayed for Full Tour View

Never displayed for Unbranded or Compact Tour Views

Customize for each tour Yes


Settings in the mobile app No Yes Yes
Permissions that can be set

Admin/Owner and Members

Admin/Owner and Members

Available Image Formats JPEG, PNG Web: JPEG, PNG Mobile: JPEG, PNG, HEIF Web: JPEG, PNG Mobile: JPEG, PNG, HEIF
Available Image Sizes Up to 20 MB Up to 20 MB Up to 20 MB

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