Inviting team members

For information on how pricing works when adding team members in the middle of a monthly or partial annual plan please see this article:

Inviting team members

  1. As the account admin, log into your account at
  2. Select Screen_Shot_2020-11-08_at_10.44.56_PM.png from the menu bar
  3. Click Screen_Shot_2020-11-08_at_10.45.21_PM.png to invite a team member
  4. Complete the team member's email
  5. Select the role for the team member
  6. Click Screen_Shot_2020-11-08_at_10.48.00_PM.pngif you have additional members to invite
  7. Click Pay and Invite

The following email will be sent to your team member and should click on Accept Invite


The team member will include their Name and password and then click Join Team.

This will log them into their account where they can setup their business card and begin to create tours.Screen_Shot_2020-11-08_at_10.52.07_PM.png

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