Granting Limited Member access to tours

Limited Members can only access tours for which they are in charge and tours authorized by the administrator.

Instructions for inviting team members are here


Procedure for granting access to tours for restricted members

  1. Click  icon_tour.png
  2. From the list of tours, select the tour to which you want to assign View/Edit/Delete and Duplicate permissions to the restricted members.
  3. Click hc_tours_icon_accesspermission.png
  4. Click on +Add Accessible Menber at the bottom of the drop-down menu
  5. From the list of team members displayed in Add Accessible Members, select the members of the Role of Limited Member.
    When you select a member, hc_tours_WebApp_icon_checkmark_negative.png changes to hc_tours_WebApp_icon_checkmark_active.png and Save becomes active.
  6. Click Save

Now you can grant access to the tour to the Limited Member.


How to identify restricted members with access to each tour

It will appear in the drop-down menu that appears when you click on hc_tours_icon_accesspermission.png.



How to check which tours each restricted member has been granted access to

You can check it on the edit screen of restricted members.

  1. Click hc_tours_icon_member.png
  2. Click Edit for the restricted member you wish to check.

The list of tours to which you have been granted access will then be displayed.



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