Roles and Permissions of Members

The roles of members and their permissions are as follows



The individual who created the initial account is automatically the Admin(Owner) of the subscription.

  • You can re-assign your Admin(Owner) permissions to another team member if required
  • Only the Admin(Owner) can assign other owners
  • Admin(Owner) cannot delete teams they did not create
  • They can create tours



Admin members have access to all functions except deleting teams that do not belong to them and changing the Admin(Owner).

  • Members can see all team members
  • They can create tours
  • They can edit other members tours
  • They can delete other members tours
  • They can change the image of the tripod eraser and show/hide it.



When an Admin(Owner) sets the Member attribute for a user, they become a Member.

Member is available for the following three functions

  • Checking the member list
  • They can create tours
  • Editing other people's tours


Limited Member

  • Access only tours for which you are in charge and tours for which you have been authorized by Admins
  • They can create tours
  • Can view/edit/delete and duplicate the tours to which you have access

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