About Tripod Cover

  • Each team can register one Tripod Cover image for the Team Default setting and 100 images for the Optional Tripod Covers.
    *Optional tripod covers are available for teams subscribing to the Business plan.
  • There are three options for the tripod cover, Small, Large and Hidden.
Large Small Hidden
hc_tours_tripodcover_large.png hc_tours_tripodcover_small.png hc_tours_tripodcover_hidden.png
  • The set image will be shared with all team members.
  • Only the administrator can change the settings for the tripod cover.


  • If you remove the tripod cover, the default RICOH360 Tours cover will be set.
  • The tripod cover image will be set for each team, so please select the correct team before setting the tripod cover.

Click here for mobile app operation instructions

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