Change Walkthrough settings when viewing tours

When viewing a tour, you can set two different behaviours for your viewers when they click on theicon_tourpath.png set in the Tour Path feature in Edit Tours. You can have your viewer see the image as though they are walking into the room, or set the starting point of the view to what you set in the Starting View option in Edit Tours.

Example of tour when ON

The image is displayed in the direction of icon_tourpath.png, making it appear as if you are actually walking into the room.



Example of tour when OFF

An image will start to be viewed in the direction shown in the thumbnail image, the same direction as the label on the map or when the thumbnail image is clicked. This direction can be changed using the Edit Tour feature and Starting View.




Setting of Tour Path:

Setting of Starting View:


Procedure for setting the viewpoint for a tours walkthrough.

  1. Launch the web app at
  2. Select your team
  3. Select your tour
  4. Click on button_edittour_en.png
  5. toggle_walkthrough_en.pngSelect ON or OFF and click OK 


Change the default walkthrough setting for new tours

  1. Launch the web app at
  2. Select your Team
  3. Click on icon_webapp_setting.png
  4. Click the Edit button to the right of Walkthrough Transition Default Setting in Team
  5. Select ON or OFF and click the Save button

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