Edit Internal Info

For each Tour, you can enter "Internal Info", information that you want to share only with other team members.

The ID assigned by the customer's system (e.g., property ID, etc.) can be entered in the Internal ID field of the tour to make it easier to identify and search for tours.

The information you enter in this field will not be visible to the end user viewing the tour.


Internal Info for each tour can be edited in the Management Console.
The procedure is as follows,

  1. Log in to the Management Console at app.ricoh360.com
  2. If the Tour list is not displayed, select tour.png from the menu bar at the top
  3. Select a tour from the list displayed
  4. Select Internal Info from the menu below the tour name
  5. Click Edit Internal Info in the upper right corner of the screen
  6. Click Internal ID and Comment and enter the information
  7. Click Save

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