Sharing a tour

In the Management Console, after setting the tour public/private, choose how you want to share it.

Start the management console at and select a Tour.

Any member who has permission to access the tour can operate the following settings.

1. Set up how you want your tour to be active
 1-1. Set your Tour Active ON/OFF
 1-2. Set passwords for tours you active (only Bussiness Plan)
2. Sharing a Tour
 2-1. Link
 2-2. Embed Code
 2-3. Facebook

Activating and De-activating a tour

Set your Tour Active ON/OFF

If you wish to make a private tour public, or to make a tour that has been made public, private, you can switch between the two with tours_toggle_TourActive_on_en.png

A password can be set for the published tour by following the steps below. (Bussiness Plan only)

Set passwords for tours you activate (only Bussiness Plan)

If you want only certain people to see your tour, you can set a password to make it public.

  • Click hc_tours_webapp_icon_unlock.png on the right side of tours_toggle_TourActive_on_en.png and enter your password.
    Set the password, hc_tours_webapp_icon_unlock.png changes to hc_tours_webapp_icon_lock.png
    Once a password is set, it remains valid until it is cancelled.
  • If you want to cancel the password you set, click OK on the "Cancel Password" screen that opens when you press hc_tours_webapp_icon_lock.png.
  • To view a tour that has been published with a password, enter the password you set in the password input box that appears in the viewer that opens when you click on the shared URL or in the viewer embedded in the website, and click View.

Sharing a Tour

After setting up the above, share the tour.

  1. Click on hc_tours_webApp_icon_tourShare_en.png in the upper right corner
  2. From the following dialog box, select how you want to share your tour
  3. To change the way Floor Plan and Thumbnails are displayed in the tour viewer, click the "Customize Layout" toggle hc_tours_webapp_toggle_onoff_off.png.
    • Floor Plan:  hc_tours_webapp_toggle_onoff_off.png(Hidden) / hc_tours_webapp_toggle_onoff_on.png(Visible)
    • Thumbnails: hc_tours_webapp_toggle_onoff_off.png(Close) / hc_tours_webapp_toggle_onoff_on.png(Open)


Select Link.
There are 3 types of links you can share:


  • Full Tour Link - This will provide a link with branding. The brand banner, tripod cover, Google map data, business card, and property description will all be included.
  • Unbranded Tour Link - This will provide a link without branding. Only the property description is included. The brand banner, tripod cover, Google map data, and business card, Annotation are not included.
  • Compact Tour Link - This will provide a link with the tour images. The brand banner and tripod cover will be included. Property description, Google map data, and the business card will not be included. 

Embed Code

Select Size

Select the display size (width x height: 480 x 360, 768 x 576, 1024 x 768) for the viewer on your website using the Embed Code.

*The display size of the viewer when using Embedded URL depends on the display size of the browser you are using.

Click to Play

If you want the tour images to appear to automatically rotate when viewed on the website, turn OFF the "Click to Play" togglehc_tours_webapp_toggle_onoff_off.png. When this toggle is turned ON hc_tours_webapp_toggle_onoff_on.png, the tour image will not auto-rotate and will remain fixed at the Starting View. Clicking on the tour image will start the rotation of the tour image.

Embed Code

You can generate the HTML code needed to embed a tour on your website.

*Please note that if you embed more than one tour on one landing page, it may not be displayed correctly in certain environments.

Embed URL

You can copy the URL in the HTML code for embedding in a website.


When you use the Facebook option, you will be presented with a pop-up box that will display an area for you to type in your comments. The post on Facebook will include the cover photo of your tour as well as the address. Your clients can link on the cover photo to see the RICOH360 tour.

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