Duplicate Tour

Duplicate Tour allows you to duplicate a tour. You can then edit the duplicated tour and change whatever you like in the new duplicated tour.

  • Duplicating a tour can be done by both administrators and members
  • Tours can only be duplicated within the same team
  • The duplicated tour name will be prefixed with "Copy of"

To duplicate a tour:

  1. Log in to the admin console at app.ricoh360.com
  2. If the tour list is not displayed, select tour.pngTour from the top menu bar
  3. Select the tour you want to duplicate
  4. Select webapp_menu_3dot.png
  5. Click Duplicate Tour to open the "Create a duplicate of your tour?" dialog box
  6. Click Duplicate

If you don't see your duplicated tour right away, just refresh your browser. You can then change the name of your tour and edit anything you would like.

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