Creating Tour Paths

As of March 10th, 2021 we have a new user interface for creating Tour Paths. Link here to see the new and improved way of managing Tour Paths

Tour Paths can be created using the RICOH360 Tours Management Console.

A path is created room by room on where you want to navigate within your tour. You simply place a label where you want your visitor to go. When a label is selected, the visitor will be taken to that room.


Creating a Tour Path

  1. Login to the RICOH360 Tours management console
  2. Select the tour where you would like to add tour paths
  3. Select the photo to begin adding Navigation Path labels
  4. SelectScreen_Shot_2020-11-06_at_11.02.05_PM.png in the upper right corner of your screen
  5. Select Edit Tour Paths 
  6. Click the area in your room where you want a navigation label
  7. Select the room you want to navigate to
  8. Continue to add labels to your room and when done, select Done in the upper right of your screen

Continue steps 3-9 for each room that you want to create tour paths for.

When your client views your tour this is what they will see for the tour path:


When they click on the arrow, they will see the room name they are going to, and the app will navigate to the room.


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